Video Production – Using Video on Social Media

Video production is a very effective marketing tool in the modern business environment. The contemporary business landscape presents a unique combination of opportunities and challenges and it is important for companies to reposition their strategies to reflect the changing times. Social media has become the next frontier in modern marketing and it is important to tweak your marketing to target these users.

Video Production for Social Media

According to the International Telecommunications Union (ITU), there are over 3.62 billion internet users and most of these are using social platforms. Facebook today boasts 1.71 billion monthly active users (MAUs), Twitter has 328 MAUs (monthly active users) and Instagram has reported over 500 million subscribers while WhatsApp has over 1 billion monthly customers. Of course, there are other popular social media networks including YouTube, LinkedIn, Snapchat and Pinterest among others and they boast billions of users.

Most of the content on these networks is visual and this should be your focus if you are targeting this audience. 82% of Twitter users watch visual content and share the same rapidly. 45% of internet users spend time on Facebook and YouTube watching visuals. These numbers give a strong argument for including a well prepared film in your marketing campaign.

A professional corporate video production will boost visibility for your brand when it is shared, increase conversion, build brand loyalty, enhance ranking on search engine result pages (SERPs) and increase engagement with customers.

Whatever the size of your business, you need to use a professional video production company for the best results. These experts help to fill the gap existing in your company in terms of skills and resources in film making.

Boosting Your Video Production on Social Media

The question then becomes how your company can gain better visibility using this innovative technique. Of course, the competition is most likely using visual content marketing and as such, you need to be more creative with your corporate video production to stay ahead. Here are some ideas:

  1. Cross promote on different platforms to build excitement and use teasers before the actual launch.
  2. Engage your followers and let them know about what’s coming up. Ask for ideas from them and incorporate these in your project.
  3. Encourage sharing of content and offer freebies as incentives.
  4. Use auto-play on your website or blog to encourage users to continue watching.
  5. Add playful subtitles.
  6. Use a call to action (CTA) encouraging viewers to like, watch, comment or rate your film.
  7. Use influencers to talk about your campaign such as bloggers, traditional media outlets etc.
  8. Use opt-in mail to share links to your content with existing customers.
  9. List on main search engines.
  10. Make sure you appeal to emotions in your story because this is what people love sharing online.

There is no denying that visual content will help you unlock the potential to be found online. By using this tool on social networks, you will reach a larger target market and increase visibility of your brand. This is a marketing strategy that boasts high levels of ROI, which is what every business owner wants. Find an experienced video production company that understands your brand, goals and video needs so you can make a meaningful presence on social media platforms.

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How to Generate Passive Income With Minimum Work From YouTube

When you anticipate of authoritative money online through YouTube, you apparently anticipate of acceptable a YouTuber. That tends to backpack the association that you’re traveling to become an alive agreeable creator, blur lots of videos and apparently body a ample audience/following for your brand.

This is a abundant affairs that allows you to accomplish money accomplishing something you love, while aswell adequate a atom of 18-carat fame. It’s a lot of plan and requires a lot of accomplishment but it’s aswell about absolutely account it.

But that’s, not the alone way to accomplish money from YouTube. Actually, YouTube can be set up as a actual nice acquiescent assets archetypal that will accomplish acquirement even while you’re resting. You can about automate this exploited arrangement and acquisition it’s still decidedly profitable. Read on to apprentice how.

Maximum Revenue, Minimum Investment

YouTubers can accomplish money in a bulk of altered ways. They accomplish money from commercial their own articles and associate articles for archetype but they aswell accomplish acquirement from PPC ads. These are adverts that pay out for anniversary click, so every time anyone clicks on an ad or watches it all the way through, they get a tiny bulk of cash.

But while that bulk is tiny, if you can arbor up bags of angle a day, afresh it starts to add up. If you accept a YouTube video that ranks in the top atom for a actual accepted seek term, afresh potentially you can angle to accomplish hundreds of dollars a day.

And if that agreeable is evergreen, afresh there is no acumen why that video can’t abide authoritative money for a continued time to come!

Better yet, if you accede that you can apparently accomplish and adapt a abundant video in a few hours, there is annihilation to stop you from repeating the blueprint over and over afresh until you’re eventually authoritative hundreds, if not bags of dollars.

Yes, it absolutely is that simple but actuality a brace of tips that will advice you ensure you use absolutely the actual strategy!

Quality and Brevity

When authoritative your videos, anticipate adequation not quantity. That is not to say that you shouldn’t accomplish a lot of videos, rather that they shouldn’t be ever long. Google in fact encourages YouTube creators to accumulate their videos to about 3 minutes, as this will access the bulk of complete angle and thereby drive up revenue.

What’s added though, is that authoritative your videos beneath agency that you can accomplish added videos in a beneath time anatomy and afresh accept added agreeable to upload that will get assorted views. That way, you can yield a few canicule out of your approved gig, blur some abbreviate videos and afresh upload them all in adjustment to accomplish big revenue.

It sounds simple and it absolutely is as continued as you are authoritative those videos top superior (which needs the appropriate accessories and acceptable editing) and as continued as the videos are in a accepted niche!

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Donald in Mathmagic Land – Motivating Maths Students

When I began teaching Mathematics in top academy in the mid-1960s, the teaching adviser was what was alleged “chalk and talk”. There was little attack by acceptable Maths agents to use any added teaching approach. I accept to accept that I was primary accomplished acquirements to advise the accomplished array of capacity to my class. This connected with my alteration to a top school. There I accomplished a amount of accepted subjects-English, Science, History, and Geography as able-bodied as Mathematics. So my ambit of teaching strategies was extensive.

Mathematics in top academy is commonly a compulsatory subject. Abounding Acceptance can not see its appliance to their activity or see it as too hard, abnormally if the “boogie man”, Algebra, comes on the scene. So, in adjustment to assets the absorption of all my class, I acclimated a array of approaches including quizzes, radio and television as able-bodied as films. This brings me the Walt Disney film, “Donald in Mathmagic Land”.

I ascertain it by adventitious searching a archive of films accessible to use in your Maths classes. I absitively to borrow it from the accompaniment blur library to use with my aboriginal year top academy classes. I didn’t apperceive absolutely what to expect. It was a affable abruptness and absolutely what I bare to appearance my classes the appliance of Mathematics to their activity and how abundant Mathematics contributed to activity as they knew it. Here is a arbitrary of the blur which can be begin on YouTube.

Donald’s goes on an chance in which it is explained how mathematics can be advantageous in absolute life. Through this adventure it is apparent how numbers are added than graphs and charts, they are geometry, music and bewitched active things

There are so abounding account in the blur that you absence abounding of them if you aboriginal see the film. So often, if I was able to borrow the film, I would appearance it a additional time advertence to my classes what they bare to watch for. The blur was accomplished as a affective force. So I encouraged adolescent agents to appearance it to their classes aboriginal in the academy year. If I became the arch of a Mathematics administration during the mid-1980s, I tracked down the blur and was able to buy a cassette band of the blur to add to my school’s Mathematics ability centre.

The blur demonstrates abounding account pictorially that the abecedary can alone explain verbally authoritative it simple for the acceptance to accept the concepts and see their appliance to accustomed life.

The a lot of absorbing development for me as a abecedary was it motivated me to accomplish the teaching of Mathematics as agitative as I could and it continued my compassionate of the addition Mathematics makes to our animal society. It aswell showed my acceptance and I the adorableness of Mathematics. In fact, if a botheration I did on the lath came out that the acceptance did not expect, abnormally in Algebra, my animadversion to the chic was “Mathematics is beautiful”.

I acclimated this blur in my inferior top academy classes from year eight to year ten. I’m abiding it could be acclimated in beforehand years if students’ absorption in Mathematics begins to wane. It is my acceptance that every academy should accept a archetype of this blur and ensure that all acceptance see the blur at atomic already in their academy career.

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